Fall Restaurant Week on Lundy’s Lane

Here in Niagara Falls, when we do things we do them big.

How big? Check out Restaurant Week on Lundy’s Lane – it’s so big you can’t do it in a week. We need two weeks.

From October 24 through November 7, a long, long list of the best diners, eateries and fine dining establishments on historic Lundy’s Lane will put their best food forward.

Fourteen restaurants offering everything from Chinese to North American, Irish pub, Italian and Japanese/Asian are taking part over the 14-day period.

You could make a two-week holiday of it by doing the circuit, hitting a restaurant a day on Lundy’s Lane while enjoying the rest of your time touring Canada’s city of fun.

The participating restaurants have each come up with special offerings for the two weeks, all at good prices.

Of course, it’s all about great food and fast, friendly service. Some of the establishments, like Chip N Charlies and Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub also offer live entertainment with your meal.

And then there is the Oh Canada Eh? dinner show, which combines a great full-course meal with a stage show with a decidedly Canadian feel to it.

Take it as a challenge with your family or friends – see how many of the venues you can hit over two weeks. Live a little, hit ‘em all!

They offer such a varied menu, even if you are only able to come out for a couple of lunches and/or dinners, there is something for everyone.

And remember to search LundysLaneNiagaraFalls on Facebook, like the page and share the video and you’ll get a chance to win a lunch or dinner for two at participating restaurants.

Lundy’s Lane is about more than just food, though. There is a whole neighbourhood of attractions – water park, bowling, golf, escape rooms, shopping – to keep you busy all day and then some.

Restaurant Week has grown over the years, though, to become one of the favourite times of the year on the Lane.

People come in not only from around Niagara but in many cases, from across southern Ontario and New York state to take it in (there is also a springtime Restaurant Week).

Come on and visit, see what all the fuss is about!

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